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XTide can provide tide predictions for over 7000 places around the world, but first you have to select a location.  There are four ways to do this.  One way is just to enter its exact name here, and click on Search:

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Other choices:

the Zone Index
An index of locations by time zone. Use this to browse around and see what's available.
the Master Index
Just one big list of every location supported by this server.  The master index is very large, so if you are on a slow connection, don't use it.

All images shipped by this web server are in PNG format.  Versions of Netscape or Internet Explorer older than version 4 will not be able to display them.

If you would like an individual location's predictions on your own site, you may do this either with a direct link to the site's prediction page, or by enclosing the entire tide prediction page in a FRAME or IFRAME like this:

<iframe src="">

Do not link directly to the tide graph. If you present part of a page on your site, you are required to preserve the entire page, including the map, the table text, the Google ads, and all of the links to our other sites.


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